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How it works!
Earn maximum on Liber8Clix by doing this 5 Step:

Unlike the usual advertising service, Liber8Clix offers an "Advertise with Profit" service. We do not just advertise your site - we make sure that advertisers will earn the amount they spent plus profit. Amazing right? You advertise, get the attention of the potential investors we have to join your site and earn up to a maximum earning of 120% in our advertising package.

An Advertising Package worth $20 includes:

5000 PTC Credits (Upon purchase)

5 PTSU Credits (Upon purchase)

15000 Featured Ad Credits (Upon purchase)

15000 Banner Ad Credits (Upon purchase)

2 Featured Link Credits (Upon purchase)

1 Login Ad Credits (Upon purchase)

10 Points (Upon purchase)

Step 1:

Buy Advertising Pack for $20.00

Get potential earning up to $25.00 from each advertising pack purchased

Buy Advertising Shares Packs

Step 2:

Setup your advertising, Promote everything you like to get sign up on your programs

Setup Advertising

Step 3:

Click 4 PTC ads to qualify for the next day

Participate or signup in any advertiser's programs that you like

You get paid by clicking PTC ads up to %200

View Advertisements

Step 4:

Promote your reflink and banner

Promote your referral links on free traffic exchange and social networks, show your banners too.

Earn from referral's click and get up to 6% commissions for their purchased.

Start Promoting

Step 5:

Watch your earning grows every hour

Members Commission:

- Get up to $0.01 per referral click

- Get 6% comission from your Direct referral purchases on Advertising and Revenue Share Ads pack

- Get 4% comission from your level 2 referral purchases on Advertising and Revenue Share Ads pack

Revenues come from:

- Paid To Click advertising sales

- Log in advertising sales

- 468x60 Banner Advertising sales

- Featured Link Ads sales

- Featured Ads sales

- Membership Upgrade sales

- Advertising Packages Sales

- Traffic Exchange Sales

- Alexa RankUp Ads Sales

Total Members: Total Paid: $ New Today: Online:

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